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Findings By Streetlight: Art by Sugarmints

Findings By Streetlight is a feature that was inspired by Asti from Oh, The Books! It’s where I’ll be showcasing places, people and things that I’m enthusiastic about. For the very first post of the Findings By Streetlight on my self hosted blog, I’m so thrilled to welcome Toronto based Digital Artist Sugarmints :). 

I got to ask her a couple of questions and you can read her responses here. My giveaway for a Postcard, Bookmark and Calender Set by Sugarmints is also still open and you can enter it here


If you haven’t read this beautiful book, I highly recommend that you do!


Oohohoh frakk yes! Baby in the maill ! It’s so cute and soft, and there’s a little map of Hogwarts and I love it! Plus I got a Book Depository bookmark I didn’t have ! Perfect! @bloomsburypublishing strikes again!


Junot Diaz, Ken Chen, Dawn Davis and Johnny Temple are just a few of the voices in the second installment of Lynn Neary’s series on diversity in publishing. (Here’s the first, and here’s the Pew study mentioned above.)

You can join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #whoisgettingpublished, or send us a story of your own experience here.

In her novel ‘Looking for Transwonderland’ Noo Saro Wiwa speaks to a young Nigerian student who tells her “People don’t want to read books by Nigerians living in Nigeria. If Kaine Agary had published ‘yellow-yellow’ in the US, Nigerians would have taken an interest in it.” This is largely because of the power of Western validation which has also resulted in not enough value being given by society to local products, services and talent.

Want to win this lovely Calender Set, Postcard and Bookmark designed by the lovely Sugarmints? :) Head over to here for a chance to win the set!